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Re(4): 188 MPH is doubtful

Posted on August 16, 2011 at 10:21:04 PM by Mark K.

Yeah, I do! And I repeat, the 188, imho, is physically impossible! When you think about, more accurate radar readings from later on don't even come within 40 mph from some of the hardest throwers ever! Admittedly, Aretio was a hard thrower, one of th hardest, but the hardest thrower of all time??? I seriously doubt it.
I wonder if Guiness ever filmed the event, because if so, I am sure that a discerning eye would likely see the exaggeration in the measurement.
How fast do you think Lopez could throw it? 145? 150? I seriously doubt it, as hard as he throws, and I can't imagine anyone EVER throwing harder than Lopez.


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