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Re(4): Elicegui retiring...

Posted on July 20, 2010 at 02:29:40 PM by Jim

I once mentioned how great his left side was, and I remember Goitiz replied saying that was true. What made Elicegui look like he was throwing so hard was his movement. In my days of watching jai alai, stemming from the 80's to right now, he was THE fast mover on the court, whether moving left to right or up and back. Like a CAT! He was a thrill to watch at Orlando, and when he left for Miami, the backcourt was never the same at Orlando, as far as electricity and determination. I remember being told one reason he left Miami was because of some abuse and threats he received by some supposed fans outside the fronton. My memory is vague on this, though. At any rate, from what I was told, his right side was still pretty solid when he last played here at Ocala in the tournament, which I did not attend, but a fan told me he still looked pretty good. I would LOVE to see him come back and play one least season at Orlando!!!


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