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Re(2): Jai-alai Injuries

Posted on August 7, 2013 at 10:31:15 PM by Jesus

Besides getting hit numerous times on my legs from trying to catch balls in the hole on the 14th line (and missed :-) I got hit on the forearm by a tipped ball (a real tipped ball, not a miami jai alai 'tipped ball') that left a nasty bump on the forearm for a few days, I actually got that on my helmet cam and on Harley's camera as well.
I also had a real scary near miss from another tipped ball that almost rearranged my face, I also have that on video LOL Gonna have to stop taking video, it's bad luck

Scary close call: http://youtu.be/iD15VvjCZfU (If that was now with my slower reflexes, I would've eaten it)

getting hit in the forearm


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