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Re(1): Jai-alai Injuries

Posted on August 7, 2013 at 09:22:07 PM by Blackie

Ive been playing a long time so I have been hit quite a few times, nothing too serious though. Someone else posted on the many different shades of purple that happens when someone gets hit with a pelota and I can attest this is true.

As far as pros go I witnessed what was basically the end of Atains career when he injured his knee the first time while playing 11th game singles and also was there when Cuvet hooked a rebote into Regis' face. Very nasty.

I saw Chaz get hit in the face at N. Miami amateur and the most gruesome injury I ever saw was when this guy named Toady got hit square in the nose off of a tipped ball. His nose just seem to explode, I never knew the human body contained so much blood.

The most ironic injury I ever witnessed was a guy named Doc, who was a dentist, and he was playing backcourt and let a low drive drive go past him intending to turn the rebote. He mis-judged the speed and as soon as he turned around the ball hit off the back wall then hit him right in his mouth. Shortly after he got hit I remember him being in the lobby of N. Miami Amateur on the phone talking to his dentist partner arranging to meet up with him to have oral surgery done on his messed up teeth. I think Doc played a season or two at Palm Beach in the early 90's.


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