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Re(1): Jai-alai Injuries

Posted on August 8, 2013 at 00:08:54 AM by 4decadepro

Some of my worst with end result:

Cracked ribs-2 wks out then rib cage brace for a month (knocks the wind out of you)

Head contusion-missed no time (practicing without helmet...knocked out cold for 2 minutes)

Broken ribs-see rib injury above

Lacerated jaw-lots of blood, stitches, bandaged missed 1 night (on deck at back wall, backcourt partner says something, turn to look, pelota hits jaw)

Swollen aching elbow-golf ball sized, drained, missed no time (multiple falling down rebotes, do it one time, guaranteed to happen again over next few fall downs)

Burst open tip of left ring finger-meat coming out, stitches, bandaged, missed a day (errant pelota smashed finger tip against cesta frame)note: probably the most gruesome one

Back and sciatica injuries-normal wear & tear, few days off (bound to happen occasionally)

Wrist, ankle, calf, quad & hamstrings-see previous (wrist & ankle sprains can become chronic)

Oblique strains-see previous, missed a month once (hurts the worst & hardest to recover from)

Pelota hits all over body, including in my junk-no time missed (body turns all colors of the rainbow, when junk hit...you just drop like a lead weight) note: fans laugh

Strained rotator cuff-cortisone shot into shoulder bone (shot hurts worse than playing with the pain) note: had to modify serve...turned out better than before...after 2 painful shots I said no more shots...I'll take the shoulder pain...lots of ice bags.

Ruptured achilles tendon-surgery, leg cast, walking boot, rehab, 6 months out (feels like someone hitting you in the calf with a bat as hard as they can) note: at 36 yrs old, doctor advised retirement, didn't take advice, came back & played some of my best jai-alai next 7 years.

All in all, I was very fortunate to only have one serious injury over long career. I loved the game, proud to say I wasn't prone to scratch much.

I saw many players go down with career ending injuries...just to name a few.
Arratibel I (Knee surgery)
Butler (Back surgery)
Mazza II (Hit to head)
Rene (Loss of eye from pelota hit)


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