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Re(5): Buddy Berenson

Posted on June 29, 2013 at 01:55:02 PM by David II

CT Mason, sorry for my choice of words, rephase, Uriurte never finished on top of Joey in head to head partidos, joey won 4 or 5 Tournament of Champions besting Uriarte out of the qualifying year after year, Uriarte lost to Jesus in the only one he qualified for. Joey was the man in Miami, everyone else was second. Bolivar was the man everywhere he played, Uriarte did edge Bolivar in most wins 1 year in Bridgeport,(he won the last game of the season with Ondarres shanking a rebote into the red) and incidently Boliver missed a bit of time that year with injury. Cachin had played more games. I am a huge Cachin fan, he should have been the best, because he had a left that Bolivar didnt have with shots and the rebote, also a right that Joey didnt have, but those of us who saw him play in Miami aaginst the best roster ever, saw that he could not best Joey in doubles Championships or dethrone Asis in singles consistenttly. Of course winning doesnt always make you the best, so maybe he is. I tell you what he was the loved and respected by all of his fellow players.
International play is a different ball of wax, I would put him in the top 10 of all time. Not trying to dog him, he just would tighten up during the big matches in Miami.


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