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Re(2): Buddy Berenson

Posted on June 28, 2013 at 01:34:11 PM by CTguy

David II, I think you're definitely underrating the Hartford roster.

Del Rio was 28 when Berenson signed him and only 34 when the strike hit. Said was still in his 20s when he LEFT Hartford Jai Alai, and was an early/middle-gamer there, not a feature-game player. Ereno also wasn't a feature-gamer.

Aramayo was demoted to middle games when he declined, then left shortly thereafter (to win Triple Crowns at Daytona and Melbourne). Urquidi also left when he started to decline, as Berenson brought in younger ande better players.

I don't know how Cachin did against Joey in Miami, but I know he beat Bolivar over a full season in their last year at Bridgeport, and he also beat him in a World Championship partido in Spain (and won an NAJF and two more World Championships in the 1990s).

And Remen won back-to-back World Championships AFTER he left Hartford, so I think he qualifies as an all-time great along with Cachin. Mendi, Arriaga II, Zulaica, Alberdi, Pablo (still terrific at 40), Inclan (part-time the last two years pre-strike) made for an amazing roster.


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