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Re(4): Buddy Berenson

Posted on June 29, 2013 at 12:36:48 PM by 4decadepro

David...I am not saying that Buddy Berenson was a breeze to play for. I saw players who were on the 1968-69 roster that literally played ONE game a night and that would be Mon-Thurs. They sat on Fri-Sat nights. There were nights when I played only 2 games. My first 3-4 seasons I rarely played past the early games but once a week or so Pedro Mir would schedule me into the 8th or 11th game. Playing at Miami Jai-Alai back in those years was all about entertainment, marketing and revenue...so I can look back, see the big picture and understand why they did things the way they did. And I don't know who had the bigger input on player's roles...Buddy Berenson or Pedro Mir.

When you and I played together in Tampa, you related to me the story about Berenson practically shutting you out from playing in Hartford and your disdain for him not giving you a chance. I told you then that although I felt you had the ability and deserved a chance...there was most likely a lot of political bs going on that had nothing to do with you personally...you just so happened to be caught in the middle...at the wrong time. Admittedly I played Hartford before Berenson, so I don't know what changes he went through and what influenced him to institute a different outlook in management...from your perspective.

But I will disagree with you on one topic. I played with James, Daniel and Marshall extensively. With all due respect, James played great and with a lot of confidence...much like your own style and flair...but Daniel and Marshall were better with natural ability, confidence and most important...consistency.


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