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Re(3): Buddy Berenson

Posted on June 29, 2013 at 08:17:16 AM by David II

Randy, I would never argue with you, buts lets say I have different perspective.

While Roger Bauer played in Hartford, he was being scheduled 2 games a night, not even playing 2 in a row. Roger had to raise hell to get on that roster, which had only 1 other American on it James. Berenson was forced to hire to Roger. No Lasa doesnt count. Roger was scheduled routinely to play 2 games a night with a break between them, so he could never get warm. James who might be the most underated American backcourter ever, whom I would put on the same level as Daniel or Marshall, also was on a crappy schedule of not playing consecutive games,((at tmes playing a game and then sitting 3??) so he could never get warm either. The injury to insult to me was during the Milford / Hartford series when Roger and James were both given the day off during those tournament nights.
I practiced up there with s couple of so called Superstars and lets just say I had a very strong practice, picking serves and displayed more strength and shots than those whom I was practicing with, made a few look kind of bad. Guarita was impressed and had interest in me possibly playing there, Mr Berenson, said I was not what they were looking for. So maybe I was jaded. But I know in my heart I could have played there easily as their early games were just that... early Games.

It's wasnt just me, Rene who was playing late games there and doing great, when he went down to Orlando the same year as I did, was put in early games, on a roster that was not even close to Hartford's middle games. But you know what they say about opinions. Hope your doing well.


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