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Re(1): Perfect example of the monkey business of jai-alai

Posted on July 1, 2013 at 08:51:33 PM by 4decadepro

You sound kind of bitter and angry Bennett. I may have related one Berenson story with somewhat of a negative overtone...but I left out many positives that I benefitted from my years with Buddy Berenson. For what it's worth, there wouldn't have been a Miami Jai-Alai without Richard Berenson and you wouldn't have gone on to see some of the games's best players ever if Buddy Berenson had rolled over and given up with the '68 strike. Instead he went forth with the mission and vision set by his father of doing everything innovative towards improving the appeal of Jai-Alai for the fans AND the revenue just happened to be fantastic! Matinees were introduced, quiniela style games began and summer jai-alai became a staple just to name a few credits of Buddy Berenson.

Players like Juaristi, Mendi, Asis, Javier, Cortarena, Remen AND Joey didn't have a problem with Berenson. And if you think about Buddy Berenson's competitive business nature...it's hard for me to imagine Dania Jai-Alai being able to lure Joey away if Buddy had something to say about it. After all...he also knew it was good business and marketing sense to leave Bolivar at Tampa instead of the original plan to bring Boli to Miami as Boli himself has even stated.. AND Boli didn't leave Tampa till after Berenson didn't have any say so anymore.

And one more thing, if you think Buddy Berenson was a first class jerk...then you must have forgotten about the regimes that followed. Buddy Berenson was a 'walk in the park' compared to what followed. All in all...my memories are good and fond of the many learning lessons and experiences that I was privileged to be a part of.


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