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Perfect example of the monkey business of jai-alai

Posted on July 1, 2013 at 09:04:44 AM by Bennett

To me it doesn't make Berenson a 'smart and tough' business man when he offers contracts for you to sign with absolutely ZERO notice....then says it is okay to think about it for ONE day....and then when you do just that he pulls one away and goes back on what he said. That makes him a douchebag not smart and tough.

So basically as an EMPLOYER he comes in and says here are contracts for you to sign, I know you weren't expecting this and the jobs are in other cities...but you have to SIGN RIGHT NOW!! Or you can think about it for a day, sure. Then one contract disappears. That's an intimidation management style. If he were alive today and running any business like that he would have multiple lawsuits from employees and former employees going.

This is the kind of stuff that players strike over. No other business can treat its employees like that and get away with it. Of course most businesses don't want to either.

This guy sounds like a first class prick to me. Whatever good he did for jai-alai seems to be outweighed by his negatives...and clearly he set the stage for how poorly players would be treated (and continued to be treated) especially regarding contracts. He wanted players in fear for their jobs and willing to sign any contract on a moment's notice....I think even the greyhounds more respect than that.