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It might be that time to face the music

Posted on August 17, 2010 at 07:21:46 PM by Jay

It is that time to finally face the music of Jai-Alai death in the USA.

Afterall,the owners that had the controll over the past 50 years did nothing to help save the sport or put any forethought into the future of this great sports survival and only thought of lining their own pockets without any remorse.

A pure rape & pillage job.

I have thrown a few bananas here and there in hopes of someone promoting something but to no avail. I tried to let kids know of this game and talked about how exciting it is to play,but the truth is that nobody in the USA wants anything to do with it.sad.

I have thought of throwing a few boomerangs at something and perhaps doing something with this sport,but now have changed my mind and have now got to face the music that nobody cares anymore and this once great sport is doooomed! No amount of money can fix what is wrong! (trust me,I have tried!)

I even have gone as far a doing a survey in a few different states and the bottom line is,a BIG NO CAN DO! and dont dare try.

The monopoly that was held with the players forever was one issue,and the owners that played along with the slave labor thingy is too much to overcome for this sport to move ahead and progress into something good.

The players with their attitudes and noses in the air as if they think they are gods or that they are doing something SPECIAL is way too funny also.Somebody needs to remind them that they are playing a game that ANYBODY can play and that getting a paycheck to do it is just lucky for the short time they can get it.Life will eventually catch up with them and then they will see what true life is about.

I'm just yapping it out and calling it the way I see it!

GOD bless Matt's efforts in Ct. and I hope and pray he will be able to succeed,but the few die hards that still play will eventually fade and then there will be nothing left in this country to show that the sport is a fun game to play neverless gamble on.Its time to crank up the coffee maker.

Anyways,,,,Im moving on and I hope someone else can do something that nobody thought of,but I gotta say it dont look good.

Its time to smell the coffee, face the music, and feed that fat chick who sings because this sport in my eyes is officially dead! There is no way that it will make a comeback but I sooooooo want to be wrong.

The phone threats,the nasty emails,and all the stupid things that a few of you have done in the past has only proven my points as to how jealous alot of you are that had a chance to play this sport. I suppose life has caught up to you too and now you can look in the mirror and see what I am yapping about. You also are a part of the demise.

I am fortunate enough to have played the game on its highest levels against the finest players on earth and had a great learning expierence while doing it. I had ALOT of fun, And I am sure a few jealous people will say that I should have never had the chance in the 1st place, but again there is part of my point and part of the problems,But neverless I have succeeded and moved on to other areans of life that are more challenging. I truely wanted to help in some way but the help I can offer is either way to heavy for the powers that be to understand or comprehend,or too petty to look at and not be appreciated.

So,,,,,Its time,,,,the needle on the record will grind down then there will be no music left at all. Please,Someone tell the owners that they won,they got to keep it all to theirselves and took it to their graves with them.

Thanks for listening to my rant, feel free to rip it up,,,im out~~


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