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Re(4): It might be that time to face the music

Posted on August 19, 2010 at 11:39:59 PM by Doug373

I don't think Matt is price gouging, he has expenses related to the construction and all the other overhead expenses like electricity.

A guy has to commit to over 40 hours a year of playing to make membership worthwhile.

$10/ hr compares very favorably ( adjusted for inflation) compared to court #2 in Milford ( AAJA). I recall that being maybe $5-6 / hr 30 years ago, with the pelota court being maybe $7-8 ?

That place was right near the pros and folded before Milford Jai alai itself ( if I remember correctly ?).

AAJA must have had some serious mgt problems ?

I wish Matt the best....but I'd have problems being a partner in his investment.

If he can keep an average of 8 guys on the court he should be fine. I have no idea if that is realistic. Great value for players if only 4-6 are there. Most of us aren't 16-25 and welcome a breather between points anyway.

I just don't like the next level (pros) being next to dead.

You can't really have minor league baseball without major league baseball as a comparison.

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