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Re(2): It might be that time to face the music

Posted on August 17, 2010 at 11:10:42 PM by Doug373

I see the pro game being gone from the US within a few years. The pros feed interest in the amateur game like any other sport. Virtually all amateurs start by getting a retired basket from a pro.

I think the OP is basically spot on. Matt's court has rekindled interest from former amateurs like myself and retired pros. A lot of these guys are well past 40. It will be tough to get kids here (CT) interested when they can't see the pro game live. The aging players will eventually play less often. The $15/ hour to play can get expensive too in a bad economy.

The game is dying from the top down. I don't think one can come to any other conclusion when looking at the parimutual handle reports from Florida. Playing pro would be a bad career choice for most young guys if they even had the chance.You'd be better off learning a trade, going to college, joining the Air force etc. Being a 30 y.o. jai alai player is a skill with no value when the last fronton closes.


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