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Re(1): It might be that time to face the music

Posted on August 17, 2010 at 08:30:13 PM by jesus

WOW someone is having a really bad day! :-)

I'd like to offer a different view, last time I played amateur jai alai was in North Miami circa 1996, that was 14+ years, and at that time, I too thought jai alai was dead, no one going to the frontons, amateur place closing, no one cared about the sport. I NEVER thought there be jai alai in the year 2010.

Fast forward to today after 14 years in hybernation and what do I see? Lots of players, many of them NEW faces at NM amateur court, then I find out the DANIA court is open to amateurs. DANIA, really? Like playing friggin baseball with friends at Yankee Stadium, and it seems to be rented full time, tickets for Monday night amateur are hard to find. Amateur tournaments that you can watch from your computer.

All I hear also are good things from Matts Court in CT. We have THIS forum, facebook jai alai.

I dunno man, I think we are closer today to saving the sport than we were 15 years ago. I think all it would take is for someone who had the money to invest, to open an amateur center somewhere NEAR a expressway, with other supporting features such as racquetball, weight and aerobic training and maybe a small restaurant or something to attract even more people, coupled with smart advertising and teaching and that will bring new players which in turn will go to professional fronton to learn and probably spread the word.

Or maybe not, but seriously it's a great time to be a jai alai enthusiast now, you can play at NM, Dania; you can discuss and make plans with other players on social sites such as this one, play in tournaments, watch profesional jai alai without a thousand foul language screaming fans all around you. I'm not ready to give it up yet, it's a fascinating sport.

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