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Posted on August 21, 2010 at 00:55:37 AM by Franco

You are spot on. There is not one thing that I disagree with and athough there are a lot of pros that read this you still won't find many that will man up and agree but they do.

Beat that dead horse:

I keep reading post from fans who have all these ideas, LOL what a joke. How many times have you read a reply from management saying great idea? Zero


The monopoly that was held with the players forever was one issue,and the owners that played along with the slave labor thing is too much to overcome for this sport to move ahead and progress into something good.

The players with their attitudes and noses in the air as if they think they are gods or that they are doing something SPECIAL is way too funny also.Somebody needs to remind them that they are playing a game that ANYBODY can play and that getting a paycheck to do it is just lucky for the short time they can get it.Life will eventually catch up with them and then they will see what true life is about.

There have been some smart players like Brian Robbins and RobertTico who have stayed in school but yes for the most part welcome to the real world once it's over. Do you think Jai- Alai player will help the resume?

This is classic:

So,,,,,Its time,,,,the needle on the record will grind down then there will be no music left at all.Please,Someone tell the owners that they won,they got to keep it all to theirselves and took it to their graves with them.

I will go a step farther, wait for slots, get more loans, go farther in debt and leave with nothing just like what you left us with.

I personally praise what Benny b is doing for Dania, too bad this could not have happened years ago. And why not Miami? They didn't care for the future so adios Miami.

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