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Posted on July 19, 2010 at 10:26:57 AM by Craig G

Well, sort of.

If we play to 4 points, it is possible for all number combo's to make the playoffs.

But unlike the 3 post playoffs, where A-B-C can come out in any order, if we use 4 posts in 'pair off and play off' style, there are some exclusions. Eg: if A wins the first point, then B cannot be second.

So even though we know that every super combo is possible in terms of order of qualifying, AND that fact proves that every combo is possible as a final result, I still have to code the playoffs to get the exact probabilities for each combo.

Now, all that remains is the playoffs, and then a calculation of average number of points per game. It might actually be less than our 9 point games.

Anyhow, there are aspects of this scoring system that are very appealing. As Perry said, faster and cleaner playoffs. But also the fact that any team finishing ITM had to actually DO SOMETHING, as opposed to placing or showing with one point, as often happens in Spec scoring. So the results might be more meaingful.

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