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In Sherlock parlance...

Posted on July 17, 2010 at 06:35:30 PM by Craig G

I thought this might be a "Three Pipe Problem", which for me translates to 2 mugs of coffee and a Monster drink.

However, it turns out the playoffs are about 1000 times easier than in Spectacular scoring - almost Free Parking - so that speeds things up a lot.

Because the playoffs are exactly 3 points, you can just generate a set of 3 results, eg {1, 1, 0 }, which can represent { server wins, server wins, receiver wins }. If the 3 teams that qualified for the playoff are A, B, C, then the 3 results can map directly to:

1,1,1 = binary 111 = SSS = decimal 7 = case 7 = A-B-C

1,1,0 - binary 110 = SSR = decimal 6 = case 6 = A-C-B

case 5 = C-A-B

case 4 = A-C-B

case 3 = B-A-C

case 2 = B-C-A

case 1 = C-B-A

case 0 = B-C-A

So it's a simple map where you can also generate just one random number in the range of 0 to 7 to tell you how the A-B-C teams finished.

That is a incomparably simpler than having to keep track of scores and rotation positions while watching out for 'Possible Place Point' which has different point values depending on the circumstances.

Now, on further review, it looks like the impossible numbers are not just PAIRS, as dejada said, but sets of 3 consecutive numbers, namely 4-5-6, 5-6-7, and 6-7-8. As I stated to Tiger, once the 3 teams reach the playoffs, any sequence is possible. Therefore, it follows that if any A-B-C tri is impossible, then so is the whole A-B-C tri-box.
In case anyone is interested, the bottom 6 possible numbers are:

435 = 1 in 9832

534 = 1 in 10010

345 = 1 in 12674

543 = 1 in 13422

453 = 1 in 15698

354 = 1 in 16207

so we see the next group of consecutive numbers struggling to just make it in.

One more thing, while I'm at it. I would hate this scoring system for singles because if post 1 serves his way to the playoffs with 3 quick ones, he would then also be first up to serve in the playoffs. That is radically different from the way it is now where if the 1 comes back on the court receiving against Solo or Arriaga, he is facing a real challenge to get the serve back.

As far as the supers go, maybe next time.


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