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Re(11): Retro Jai Alai

Posted on July 18, 2010 at 08:28:33 PM by ctmason

This thread reminds of me the days when i started sneaking into hartford jai-alai when i was 15 years old. This was about 2 years roughly from when the strike began...my dad and brother were both huge fans and i was sooo jealous...always wanting to go...but there was this legal issue of me being underage..lol.

There used to be a place across the street from berensons..annie eatwells...me and my mom and dad would go there for breakfast on sunday afternoons before my dad headed for the matinee...Well one day..my dad convinced me to try to sneak in..lol...i never thought id have a shot,,especially since channel 3 news had some story where they went in with a hidden camera to expose kids getting in there without being carded.

Anyway...i wanted so bad to go with my dad i said...ok..lets try it..it was such a nervous feeling going to booth...handing the 1$ to get in and seeing the guard look at me...my dad decides to say to this gentleman "hes with me"...lmao..like that is supposed to work...but somehow it does...and i got in!!!.

Ill never forget that day...i was able to sneak in pretty much all the time till i was 18 too...just never asked..maybe once? or twice but i always got around it. James soon became my favorite player...and when some of the strike guys came back to play...remen, mendi, pablo, gerny etc...it was surprising to some too see Jimmy crush them in singles on a nightly basis..not me...He was a beast.

Its cool to think about those days again...especially now that matts place is open...i can play and reminisce with my friends whenever i want. You often only miss that when its gone....


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