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Re(1): Remen

Posted on July 18, 2010 at 08:49:32 PM by ctmason

When i first saw remen it was 1990...I know there is some disagreement about how good he was...but he was nasty.

He had a vicious rightside..that could pass from the 12 line deep...even with the weaker balls guys like pablo and del rio would trot out there for the serve.

He had a nasty array of kills too from the right..cortadas...an over the top carom...and the nastiest side arm carom you will ever see.

His only real flaw was a shaky backhand...especially shorthops and anything skimming the side wall..he could get hot catching from his backhand...but if he were to lose points...its because his left-side would often fail him more often then not.

He is in my definite top 10 of guys ive seen live though...and i saw him 1990 on..when he was battling some tough injuries..most notably a bad shoulder which he was often scratched for.

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