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Posted on July 16, 2010 at 06:40:21 PM by Jody C.

Chris, Remen to me was alot like Arriaga. Had that same swagger, same rightside. I was at Hartford during the mid 80's and loved him. Is he better than Goicoe.... I wouldnt easily say he was in a B league compared to Goicoe.

Its such a different game today. Steve R. said it the holding, looking, running with the pelota before returning the ball is a big difference. Zulaica, Cachin, Mendi, Del Rio, Pablo were all great shotmakers, it was a thrill to see them live!

I wouldnt miss a Citrus thats for sure, but that old time jai alai is what hooked me. I think the 2010 Miami roster would have also hooked me in 1983 like the old Hartford roster did!


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