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Posted on July 15, 2010 at 10:53:32 PM by Chris A

It is very hard to judge a player on a few partidos...regardless of how long they are lol. But I just can't agree with anyone having much of anything better than Goico on the right. Goico is capable of throwing shots...I just think that often he either doesnt need them...just work for the chula/chic chac/rebote....etc. I bet his shots COULD be better if he HAD to use them more. But I think its unfair to say that his shots are below Remens. I may have to watch more video but I didnt or wouldnt really call him (Remen) a shot maker at all. I would call him a blast it or throw the rebote nice and hard kind of player, not unlike Goico himself. But when you are playing a power game, nobody in the game has been as good as that as Goico. At least none in my lifetime. And thats left side, right side, whatever. He is the power guy.

I do not feel I can really argue the backs. I am having a hard time believing that Storzas right would have been avg as is his glove..in the heyday..at least thats the impression I got. I just dont see where everyone who said Storza was the best ever have gone. You were out there..and not too long ago! YOu were preaching his praises as the only possible rival in greatness to Goico, at least in the modern game. This is all before Lopez came along. But I digress....now all of a sudden Storza, who was once everyones 'best ever' is NOW 'average in the old days' and 'below Enbil' and...Im sory, as much as I like him...Oyarbide?

I know that was in a different post but why has everyone seemingly changed their opinion or whatever about Storza? I mean..this is more than "Lopez is the new greatest"...this is "Oyarbide (love him and may be the best one-sided backcourter in the game but that one side limits him) and Enbil" (like and bet him a lot, singles too..but come on. Nowhere near the offense and almost the same defense..means he is not up to par of Storza. Storza is the best behind Lopez. Storza not only has the best or one of the best rights in the game, including the pica which Lopez does not have...he has probably the 3rd or 4th best reverse in the game. I say behind Lopez and Bide and thats about it...


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