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Posted on July 15, 2010 at 06:08:58 PM by David II

Have to chime in on this one.

Lopez nor Irastorza bring right side heat or over the top forehand offense like Elorduy, Irazabal or Chasio, Pierre, etc as well as others...from the right, the balls being used now are much faster than in years past. Overall the game has became more physical, and drastically less shot oriented. Back in the day, you had a lot of out of shape players (seriously overweight) that you just dont see anymore. Guys now are clearly more athletic! Irastorza is more powerful than many of the past veterans, but, his glove as great as it is, really wouldn't be considered better than many of the stars of yesteryear. Lopez on the other hand might possibly be the best backcourter you will see in your life time, his glove is as great as any of the old guard, but he is a whole hell of lot stronger on the left, and the intangiable is that he is 'true winner', Goico is accused of holding in this thread, well when Bolivar went to Bridgeport he was accused of being the dirtiest player ever by the old timers up there, so the game is evolving.Joey was accused of being dirty as well as Inclan....so pick your poison! Arrieta of Milford/ Dania and Billy of Miami held much more than guys today, Michelena always looked back over his shoulder before he threw....... The Remen to Goico arguement is a tough one because Remen played much much better competition and won several World Cups......If I had to choose I would say Goico, even though Remen had better posturo from the right, more shots from the right and a better cortada in his prime.

Jai-Alai hasnt changed that much as far as the game goes, it has just evolved some what as do all sports,except for the fact that Pelotari's generally dont do steroids!


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