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Re(1): Retro Jai Alai

Posted on July 17, 2010 at 08:34:12 PM by Mark K.

On the subject of how the game has changed, somewhere in my collection of retro DVD's I have a snippet of players in Tijuana circa 1955. It was part of a variety show by some famous American Star (Sid Caesar, or someone of that era. It shows the players in a portion of a match. There was absolutely no holding on the reverse (in the basket and out in a heartbeat) and only the slightest holding on the forehand. It was almost how I imagine remonte being played with no holding the ball and a return in a split second without checking over your shoulder for your opponent's position before the throw. It seems as if they just blasted the ball as hard as they could on every shot without a hint of dos paredes or dejada...just whale away and let the best team win!

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