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I thought this was a great question that got little response

Posted on July 9, 2007 at 11:54:05 AM by HOV

"why dont jaialai players ever practice their weakness, larrea has been at dania for 4-5 years now and the guy still cant rebote i mean im pretty sure theyd let him use the court in between sessions to practice"

This question was asked by the poster named 'watching'. I get this question all the time from people that bet on jai alai but aren't hardcore fans like most of us. It is a very valid question. Alot of people are turned away from the game because of constant mistakes from players without ever seeing much improvement. Now us fans understand that this only happens in the early games but a casual bettor does not know the difference between an early game player and a senor game player. I think the players manager should assign these early game guys someone to work with to improve their weaknesses or see to it that the guy works on it on his own. Or does this already happen and I don't know about it? Former players chime in.


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