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Re(1): I thought this was a great question that got little response

Posted on July 9, 2007 at 03:02:16 PM by VonSeppe

Interesting comment -

"A lot of people are turned away from the game because of constant mistakes from players without ever seeing much improvement. Now us fans understand that this only happens in the early games....".

Not Likely -

I doubt that any 'fan' was ever turned away from the game due to constant mistakes....

Maybe a Bettor but not a fan.

...and it certainly was not a mistake that turned them away but more than likely many lost bets which may have been caused by their most hated player either losing or winning for that matter.

Also - Focusing your comment on Early Game players really doesn't make much sense.

Jai Alai is a unique sport in that it is handicapped by a subjective 3rd party - the players manager.

Jai Alai is not a wide open contest similar to Golf or Tennis.

The following are all determined by a person with their own opinion and in some cases agenda - the Players Manager

1) Where a Player is placed:
(Early, Middle or Late Games)

2) Whom they Play with.

3) What Post Position.

4) For Quiniellas - Who is in front of them and behind them in regards to Post Positions.
Post 2 in Singles is great - Not so great if you have the Best Server in the Game in Post 1.
Post 2 in Doubles is great - Not so great if you have the Best Serve Catcher in the game in the 3.

5) In Partido Play
(Mostly Live Balls or Slow Balls in the selection)
A Doubles team that relies on Right Side Heat to win -- Not so good with all slow balls.
That same team with all Fast Balls in the selection - Different story.

If you are familiar with 80 / 20 rule it also applies to Jai Alai as well.

You Probably have 20% of any given Roster that can only play early games and 20% of the Roster that should only Play the Late Games.

The other 60% can play in either Late or Early games. Depending on how the Players Manager wants to help or handicap them they can make the same player a late game or early game player.

Getting back to weaknesses.

Most Players - By the time you see them as a Pro - Have developed their key strengths or weaknesses and depending on the will & skill of the player they will work on improving that weakness or stay content with where they are.

If you've got all the tools (Physical & Mental) - Usually you are a star.
Not too many of those around.

Otherwise you play to your strengths.

Just like any other sport Golf, Tennis, Baseball etc.

Also - The Schedule (with no real off-season) - Does allow for someone to really work on parts of their game or conditioning.


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