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Posted on February 16, 2010 at 10:02:40 AM by TR

I remember that big right side of Marks absolutely frustrating me. And it seemed everytime I got up I always had to play him. He threw the right side picada really hard and right on the wall, and if you werent in exactly the right spot to catch it you were done because it would go over the backcourters head. Must be how players used to think about playing against Elorduy or Atain. Im not comparing Mark to Atain or Elorduy, but just the frustration factor, although Mark threw the hardest right side I ever had to deal with as an amateur.

Bennett didnt cross a couple of serves which made it easy for me to pick, when he crossed the serve I couldnt do anything. A few of those outside placements werent thrown so well.

A lot of those players were still learning and were going to get much better with time, I think Bennett said he had only been playing 2 years. At that time I think I was playing for 10 years.

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