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Re(2): Amateur action, Bennett, myself and others

posted on February 15, 2010 at 05:08:00 PM by TR

These are the players in the video and was just one of groups of players that day,


post 1 Wayne-O / Rich Bender

post 2 Mitchell / Mike Carmody

post 3 Mike Brantley / Mark Thornton

post 4 Rob Broderson / Steve-Ice Man

post 5 Tom Ramsay / Jesus Olivera

post 6 Gary(Bennett) / Rob Schwartz

Out of this group Mitchell and Mike Carmody turned pro at Ft. pierce. Mark Thornton played in a tournament in Cuba in which I think Atain, Celaya and Kompa also played in.

Ill look for the rest of the players that were in the tournament. I have one of the programs somewhere.


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