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Re(5): What is the worst way you have lost at Jai Alai

Posted on October 23, 2009 at 00:35:34 AM by pelotapete

i have lost some unbelievable game points over the years, but the one that will always burn in my head was at miami

jai-alai. i normaly bet common tri's, this singles game i took a wild shot at some big paying numbers...i had 1/78/78

and the 7 had 6 points, the 8 had 5 points, the one was serving for game point. served the ball deep, the other player made a nice return, high on the side wall carom, and the pelota bounced one time on the way to the screen.

the one post player came running down to snagg the pelota

before it went up high over his head, and thru a low hard

side arm shot right at his surprized apponate,hitting the side wall just before slamming into his cesta.this knocked him down on his backside (ass) but on his way down, he threw a weak back hand flip that just made it to the front wall. it bounced ever so softly right to the one post players back hand,and into his cesta..he looked at the other player who was still sitting on the floor, and not even trying to get up.. and threw a backhanded carom on the wood by 5 feet !!!! all he had to do was keep it in play,,,why even try a shot that you can lose with ????

i would have never thrown anything to the outside...me i would have thrown middle of the wall soft or hard for a game winning point...but oh nooooo !!! he was way too smart for that !!!! i'm still amazed, what the hell was he thinking...


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