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Re(2): What is the worst way you have lost at Jai Alai

Posted on October 22, 2009 at 10:04:49 PM by Mark K.

This has got to be the worst ever!

Milford Jai Alai during the featured singles game. Azpiri was serving the heck out of the ball(yes, the same Azpiri playing at Dania) out of the 4 hole (I always played 4/123/123 and the points were aligned at game point with Azpiri serving. Azpiri serves a deep ball which was retrieved by his opponent and returned short. Azpiri returns dejada and the opponent makes a great return and throws a lollipop that slowly bounces toward the wood...and falls flat on his face due to his momentum at the 3 line! On the wood, Azpiri makes the catch with his opponent still on the ground and hurls a huge forehand...INTO THE SIDE CUSHION!!!! No tri, but lots of anger as the game flies out the window. I have never forgotten this after all those years, and it must have happened 10 years ago.


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