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Re(1): State of the Sport

Posted on January 29, 2007 at 03:52:07 PM by Jim

Wow...quite a post. I predict you are going to get a LOT of replies to this one...lol. I admire your willingness to state what you said, albeit under an unknown nic to myself.

If you ask me, jai Alai owners have done little, if anything, to promote their product to anyone except the same people who have been supporting jai alai for decades. The only new faces in there are the ones WE bring in there. Sure, simulcasting is now offered, but all that did was bring in horse racing afficianados, and/or turn former jai alai fans into horse fans, especially when they all saw the HUGE pools in those racing facilities. Slots are doing the same thing and will. I still feel this whole slot thing is not the answer. I also think Orlando should simulcast its jai alai out on the final two months...once all the players are back in a better groove, and just see how they do. When the fans in the place see all extra pool money, all that does is incline them to wager more...it would for me, and it would make some bets actually bettable, like the superfecta, twin tri...even the lame tri-super. Orlando also need a MUCH better lay-out of games. I've complained for years that 14 and 15 game programs are not the answer. 12 games, more doubles, more excitement, full simulcast, more superfecats...bigger pools...try it and see, if only to see if it improves the profit end for jai alai.


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