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Re(2): State of the (jai alai) Nation

Posted on February 27, 2008 at 01:44:07 AM by fp

Hey Bada,

I made the pilgrimage (sp?) up to Hamilton to see it when it first opened. Initially, IMO anyways, I did see a little effort put into the game. I am not defending him, but as someone who has been in business before, I can understand how things went the way they did.

I think I am suggesting just the opposite of what you say in closing; we probably won't get 'reasonable explanations or changes' - in a lot of the frustrating cases out there, but I think we have to move past it and work with what we have.

(As a side note: The wife is LMAO next to me, right now, because she is always saying that I don't read enough into things)

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