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Re(1): State of the (jai alai) Nation

Posted on February 27, 2008 at 12:29:26 PM by Bob Rheiner

At this time the only place I see Jai-Alai having a chance to stage a come back is The Fort. There is alot of Jai-Alai fans in the area both old and new. There is a large gambling base in the area. Most pepole living in the area has either transfered in here from the south and the northeast. It will need effort on the owners part. I think Florida gaming now has the means to devote the time into The Fort. They have invested already in some remodel projects for the Poker and left plenty of room for Jai Alai. The Parking lot has been redone and not just a patch- 1st class job. I know it don't seem it sometimes by the way things run at Miami but Florida Gamings management does care about Jai Alai but Financially have been on a shoestring for years while providing the best players in the world. The Jai-Alai gods have not been to good to us either. In the last couple of years we have lost two of the best Jai-Alai ambassadors in the Sport, Jack Carr and Thee Kelleyaga whom I miss both dearly. God help Jai-Alai!

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