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Re(1): Why do retired Jai-Alai players seem to distance themselves from the sport?

Posted on November 8, 2008 at 07:14:39 PM by JaiAlaiUSA

I agree with Bada for the most part, however to use Joey as an example was a POOR choice.

Like Tiger said he comes to Dania periodally for different events. Just last month it was well advertised that he would play in a poker tournament (Oct 22nd), he also has done a few radio interviews.

I talked with Joey and he is looking around his house for some video's from years back, he said he would let me process them and put them online. He mentioned a interview with Tom Snyder and some tournaments so he will be helping some more in that respect.

He was also on "What's My Line" years ago but I don't know if he has the video.I think that was in the early 70's..


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