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Re(3): Pari-mutuel 101

Posted on September 17, 2007 at 04:53:03 PM by josepi

Other then game 10 in your post, i dont see any of those prices strange. 263, with the a late gamer urtaran, and olha 2nd, i think the price is as expected. 263, generally pays between 110-180 on the dollar. Egi/oyarbide on top on another. 341???sometimes this number pays decent(200-30o per dollar) but other times alot of people box 134 234, so it doesnt. Friday night there were 3 signers for the dollar ticket. I seen a 2500+ dollar ticket sat matinee. Anytime someone hits a decent to hard number and they dont go to the IRS window, i hear them say how they got robbed and it must be fixed. First off betters all play differently, some wheel, some play hot players, some box, some key, some play numbers, some(myself included) often play 2 3 4 or even 5 dollar tris, especially on run out numbers. With this being said, when you cash a ticket there are more factors involved then how hard the number is. The players involved, the amount of people who got lucky and hit their "numbers" the crazy ass who wheeled the longshot first and 2nd for the full ticket(168 dollar bet), what other bets there were that game(superfecta and pick3 etc, lower the tri pools a tad) An IRS signer on a 1 dollar tri in jai alai is a blessing, always has been, but it still happens. More so then you probably think.

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