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WOW!! i didnt expect this much of a response..

Posted on September 17, 2007 at 05:24:39 PM by Jay

WOW!! i didnt expect this much of a response.
it shows me that alot of the same thinking is going on out there.
yes,,,it is possible to manipulate the betting system along with whatever other systems are available and i suspect someone has been doing it a very long time.
for the past few years i have noticed alot of payoffs that seemed odd and very low and it seems that this has been going on for some time now. i know someone will blame the poors crowds,but that does not explain it away. if there are poor crowds,then there would be alot more higher payoffs with odd outcomes. the examples are too numerous to site.
when tiger says that there must be overlays when a low payout has been posted,thats fine,BUT WHEN DO THEY EVER COME OUT? i rarely see it if ever!
this past year i noticed and posted my feelings on the 7-8 quinnellas that paid out UNDER 30.00 for the 2.00 ticke.hell i think a 7/8 quinn paid 19.80 at one time. i dont care if bolivar was the 8 and michelena was the 7 and a bunch of me's filled the other post positions,no way should that combo ever pay under 25/1 minimally.
is everyone in the know? why do we see the average tri payoff so low vs any combo?
i am not blaming the players nor the fronton managment,someone else has figured it out to milk the system and this needs to be addressed and soooooooon!

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