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Re(1): Not Everyone Handicaps

Posted on September 16, 2007 at 08:28:36 PM by Bobby

What I don't think a lot of posters are taking into account is that many of the bettors at Dania are not necessarily handicapping their bets. When I worked as a teller there a while back, a lot of the regulars play the same numbers every game including 567 and 678. So many times I would have loved to just cover their bets for them instead of selling the tickets, man would I have cleaned up. The most common bets are 4 over 123 or some combo of the early posts. Once the betting closes, the printout of the pools are posted on the 2nd floor of Dania (usually before the game ends). It includes the $ amount for each number/number combo bet. This includes the WPS, Quin/Perf and Tri combos. So it would be very easy to track if there were any funny stuff going on....

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