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Re(1): TR- I agree with you

Posted on June 4, 2009 at 07:37:11 AM by Franco

You missed my point and that could be my fault. What I was trying to convey is, had the frontons and all the people who had a tight grip on the sport been a little more friendlier it would have paid off with more long term fans and could have spread to more states and been played on a different level (college maybe.

No offense taken and you are right my game is actually below average and I have no interest in playing at that level. And to respond to the list of Americans you mentioned, again you are right that a lot of Americans were good enough to break through but if you look at how many had to go through the N. Miami school or had to be a valet parker or ball-boy for years before getting the nod. I'll use an example of Marshall having to punch tickets at Palm Beach before he was finally able to play again. How many foreign players have to do this. Bottom line is if you scare people away for years don't look around and say why are the seats empty.


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