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Franco I disagree with you

Posted on June 3, 2009 at 11:42:30 PM by TR

There were many Americans who got the chance to play pro. Just off the top of my head, Billy, Scott, Benny, Kent, Tico, Art, Adam, Randy, Daniel, Ramon, Owens, etc., etc., etc. If you were American and had ability you got a chance to play pro. Franco, no offense, I have played with you and you are just an average amateur player. I know someone who was the 1990 US amateur champion and was not good enough to play with these players. What does that tell you, the best American amateur player was not good enough to play with real pros. I agree with you that Miami and Dania do absolutely nothing to entice young American players to play jai alai. Nowadays is playing Pro jai alai that great of a career? You are finished when you are in your 30's then what are you going to do? What does a career in jai alai groom you for later in life? Yes its a lot of fun but how are you going to pay the bills once your career is over. I was there in 1988 and I was offered a contract just like every other amateur player. I was very tempted to play but I am so glad I did not sign and stuck with my career. It was the wrong time to go pro and never once did I consider myself good enough to play with the likes of the aforementioned players. To all the pros playing now I commend you, you are sacrificing your prime working years and its just going to be that much harder when you have to enter the job market and compete against people younger than you.


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