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Re(7): Players just collecting a pay check

Posted on May 16, 2007 at 00:13:12 AM by Teacher

From your previous post to this one...my response is I support your view entirely Jai Alai fan. LET'S HEAR FROM CURRENT AND EX-PLAYERS!! I'm not sure the average chalkie or everyday poster on here really understands or cares what these jai-alai players...from the highest rated to the hardest trying...to the up and coming...go through everyday, every season...no matter how long or especially how short their season may be. Sure they are compensated to perform and put forth at the highest level...but look at the current state of professional baseball or basketball just as an example. Surely the average fan has to believe even more so for what those types of athletes are pulling down in salary and incentives, they should be trying to perform at a level that is surely unachievable. Pro baseball and basketball players are condemned everday for their lack of effort for the millions they are making. And when you are asking professional jai-alai athletes to perform their utmost on almost a daily basis for an average $40K annually (maybe) in an insecure, non-incentive, poor fan based atmosphere there are not many in any sport that could perform at 100% everyday. Professional baseball and basketball players couldn't and wouldn't do it. All pro players in all sports get criticized by the fans, the media, the coaches, and by every publication that thinks they should perform in their perspective arena better than unbelievable...but if these same people had to do their mundane doldrum job...day in and day out...sometimes twice a day..matinee and evening...surely you would think you were entitled to an off day now and then...maybe even a depressed rut that comes with a streak of bad luck every once in a while.

I proudly know and can say that I played my first 5 years without a scratch. During that time matinees were introduced and management took advantage...at one point we played 50 straight days of matinee and evening performances. I know I wasn't the only player not to get into a rut and put out a robot like effort, but our love for the game kept us going unless an injury made it impossible.

So for all you Monday morning quarterbacks and back seat drivers...IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME, NO MATTER WHAT THE SPORT, THEN YOU DON'T HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT YOU ARE BLABBERING ABOUT!!!

These types of comments is what keeps more and more current and ex-pros from posting here. The players of today are putting forth an unbelievable and unimaginable effort what with the state of management, salary incentives and their future careers in the sport.

How about it current and ex-players looking in to this topic? These self glorifying experts on playing jai-alai that have never played the game professionally that are here condemning pro jai-alai players for not "hustling" and putting forth 100% effort. For Tomas, Ugh, JS, Jim, and Bernardo and I'm sure many others...how about it "pelotaris"??? Most of you probably know who I am. Do you think these same critics could do half as well on $40K a year???


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