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Re(9): Players just collecting a pay check

Posted on May 16, 2007 at 01:01:22 AM by Jai Alai Fan

Thank you Teacher for your response!

In my opinion, you, all the players before you and the ones after you deserve great respect. Jai Alai is one of a kind sport and we are priveledged to see it played live daily.

These half-wits see only one moment in time, the moment which they win or lose their dinner. They throw around insults from that perspective only.

I see something very different. I see players that dream and work towards becoming a champion every day. They love this sport because they want to be like theirs fathers and uncles and carry on tradition. They love jai alai and work for small pay considering the risks. They leave their families and try to make a new one with the comraderie between the players. I have total respect and honor for these dedicated atheletes who in many cases had other choices, but chose Jai Alai because it's in their blood!

Day in and day out they deal with ignorant loud gamblers who have no love for this great sport but instead are just trying to make a quick windfall.

If my friends want to post I will translate to English. We will see...

Jai Alai, it's players and traditions are much more vaulable that that $3 trifecta twit huring inults at our players!

(leave Iru alone -- he is a veteran that has dedicated his life to the sport!)


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