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Re(1): Pre 1988 and Legitimate pros of today

Posted on May 16, 2007 at 06:30:44 AM by Scott

Though I have not played in almost 10 years I did play 16 pro years prior to that. All the years were in Miami and they had good crowds in the early 80's and let me say there is nothing like a large crowd to get a player going and giving maxium effort. Then came the early 90's were the crowds started to disapper as did our paychecks season after season we were givin paycuts but playing just as much games or more. We were expected to play just as hard with less money and probably more games. matiness , night day after day and as the crowds went down you could hear the more jerks in the tiny crowd just yelling for the hell of it and managment letting them yell whatever they wanted because they did not want to loose any more customers. Like I said I have not played in a while but I can probably tell you there are few players makeing over 40,000 a year at this point I can also tell you how hard it would be to play day after day with no crowds and little money. I cannot say for sure if the current players give 100 percent or not(I did in my day)I can tell you its not all roses like you fans think it is. Your body takes a beaten of years of abuse and for peanuts, no pension plan no nothing. You get hurt bad its goodbye. Anyway just something to think about

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