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Re(7): Players just collecting a pay check

Posted on May 16, 2007 at 11:13:39 AM by SPANKY

wow crazy that we all love this gm so much ,but ppl with attitudes like this are what is killing the game today.....I love the game and players that play it no matter how bad they are playing I know its hard being a jai alai pro now-a-days...my dad started me at tampa fronton bck in early 80's and ever since I cant get enuff of this wonderful sport..I got nothing but love,respect and admiration for all players past and present...even if I bet 50$ bucks and lose I might yell at the screen were u going or why u keep setting him up, but I would never call IRU, BARRENA, OR SOLO shit like dat? I mean they have bad weeks or are fighting through injuries alot we dont know about behind the seems, but in a few weeks they be bck on top and winning u money so jus be patient and dont stress bout how they r today....

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