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Re(2): Players just collecting a pay check

Posted on May 16, 2007 at 11:14:22 PM by Teacher

Iparaldekoa, your response was what I was looking for. I knew this subject would pique the competitive sparks forever inside us. But you went on and were patient with your rebutals and answers back to some of the mindless wonders out there. They didn't even begin to comprehend what you were telling them about Francisco Hormaechea...you could figure that out when they argued back about Churruca! Try telling them about Chasio II never being on the cancha floor ever!

These are the same "fans" who believe they have the right to go to the fronton or any arena just to yell obscenities or anything crude at the players to get some attention. When I went to Ft. Pierce this past season, there was a man and wife sitting in front me, taking delight in yelling crude remarks at Benny, Orbea, Troy and others...worse yet, they had their 2 children with them, about 6 & 7 years old. The children were mimicing their parents and saying the same crude remarks while the parents were egging them on and laughing at the attention they were receiving!

So thanks to you and Scott for coming out and responding to UGH and the rest of the chalkies and posters that will never have a clue what it is like or especially what it used to be like. They make for a sad, sad picture of what I hope is the minority of the mind set of the average fan out there.


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