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Re(2): Players just collecting a pay check

Posted on May 16, 2007 at 10:08:49 AM by Tiger

Well said, Iparaldecoa. Yet, I'm afraid that even the most polite and carefully-crafted response isn't going to silence the nay-sayers.

There's a certain category of person who likes to spite the things that they aren't best at. You and a couple other posters have alluded to them. You could say it's jealousy, but I think there's more there than that - it would take more than jealousy to generate such slurs and hatred.

Perhaps angainst my better judgment, I decided to leave this thread up, and we've been rewarded by the appearance of current and past pros who might not otherwise post, expecially knowing what's in store for them.

Interesting, isn't it, to see who keep their heads and who lose it in yet another spew. Frankly, the latter are in the minority and, as I said above, they don't like that. So, what's a few extra poster names if it helps them even up the odds?

Be assured that nearly all of us remain in awe of your ability. The rest can pound sand.


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