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Re(12): Players just collecting a pay check

Posted on May 16, 2007 at 08:07:41 AM by Ugh

Actually, you are very wrong.

Mid 30s. Played amateur for quite a while. Not in a dead end marriage, and have my own business.

Your skills at denigrating me are about as good as your skills in evaluating jai-alai players.

Like I said. It does not take an expert to see that Iru and Solozabal are lazy slobs. They give little or no effort, and once in a while when they do, they win. Iru started off hot this season, but let's look at this player with a "different style" the last few seasons.

Winter 2006/2007 - .335
Summer 2006 - .348
Winter 2005/2006 - .376
Summer 2005 - .356
Winter 2004/2005 - .327
Summer 2004 - .379

I never said he did not have skills. Perhaps you have a comprehension problem. I said he is lazy. If he is so good, how come over the last 6 seasons his numbers are so mediocre?

I do love the game. I don't like players who lounge their way through it. And actually, I don't yell insults at all. I just quietly snicker at how awful the "professionals" of today are.

And where is this better compensation going to come from when no one shows up because the product is in such decline?

In contrast to Iru and Solozabal, how about the other players I mentioned? No comment there?


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