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A question from the Kellyaga family...

Posted on February 3, 2008 at 06:00:16 PM by The family of Kellyaga

Dear beloved friends, employees and associates of the Jai-Alai community,

Even the immediate family who accompanied Dave to Jai-Alai events continue to be staggered at the volume and sincerity of the love and admiration Kellyaga's death stirred. Because of this, the family believes we have an opportunity and a duty to use this time to channel this God-given force to continue Dave's love of humanity. We wish to gage the possibility and the veracity of a potential foundation called "KELLYAGA FOUNDATION" The foundation would be proposed to support underprivileged children of Jai-Alai players throughout the world. However, we would welcome suggestions for the use of the funds with the understanding that Jai-Alai would be central to the foundation's purpose. The family at this time is unable to provide volunteers or much time, in the future, however, we can open an account and begin the foundation. Can anyone contribute their time?

Signed with the heaviest of hearts,
The Kellyaga Family

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