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Re(11): Urgent news: kellyaga has passed away

Posted on February 1, 2008 at 06:28:28 PM by Bill-JaiAlaiUSA

"Thee Kellyaga" 1957-2008

The Jai-Alai world has lost one of their best ambassador's ever.David Kelly,known in the Jai-Alai world as "Thee Kellyaga" has died suddenly from suspected smoke inhalation while sleeping.
He spent his last day on this earth at the place he loved dearly,the Orlando Fronton.

I have known Thee for several years,he was a fun guy who never took himself very seriously, had a heart of gold and was a great humanitarian.If you needed help,financially or otherwise he was always their for you.

I can never recall a conversation with him that Jai-Alai didn't come up.Just this week we made plans to be at Fort Pierce opening night.He will be sorely missed,and I'm sure there will never be another like him.
May you rest in peace,your friend Bill


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