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Posted on February 4, 2008 at 02:35:28 PM by Lori Calabrese

I, too, feel that I must leave a post for my dear friend, Dave Kelly, known as Thee Kellyaga, to honor his memory. I knew of Kellyaga thru my husband, Jody Calabrese, when he would talk about him to me... BUT I first met him personally via email, to ask him to attend my husband's 40th birthday party back in 2006... I still have his email replies and will always keep them. What a man! When I picked him up at the airport back in August of 06... I must say he was the most interesting man that I have ever met! Not only did we have some real good conversations on many topics of BOTH our interests, but he made me laugh! Just being with him on that ride back to our hometown... I knew he was a special person... a ONE-OF-A-KIND! He spent the whole next day and night at our home... helping us celebrate my husband's birthday! HE WAS THE LIFE OF THE PARTY!! I will always cherish that day! Since that time... I have spoken to him by phone MANY times.... the most recent was only a few weeks ago.... He always had a way to make me smile... even over the phone! He always cared about how our kids were.... Zeph, our son, and our triplet little girls... or the "BUMPER CAR GIRLS" as he liked to call them! LOL
He most recently spoke of his beautiful Jettie... and how much he loved her! We were so happy for him... my condolences go out to his beloved!
Kellyaga, I did not get to know you as well as I would have liked... but I feel very fortunate to know you as much as I did! You ALWAYS had inspirational words for me when we spoke on the phone and you always made me feel like I was so special and Blessed! Thank you for that! There are not many friends that do that in this world we live in today! You will be missed greatly in the Calabrese household! We love you!


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