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Re(1): Urgent news: kellyaga has passed away

Posted on February 1, 2008 at 01:37:00 PM by steve r

I only met Kellyaga 2 years ago when I came down for my 1st citrus.He was ordering a coke at the concession stand and I asked "how's it going Thee?" (I never called him Dave, always Thee)
He asked my name and how I knew him, welcomed me to the fronton and went off to his seat.
When I moved down here in May we would see each other alot at the fronton when I practiced this past summer.
He was always joking around with everyone and always seemed to have a smile on his face.
We would come to know each other more and more throughout the summer months and he would always give me the business about Milford and Bridgeport being closed when I would wear some old jerseys from there to practice in.
We were sitting in the box seats one Sunday afternoon watching some guys practice and there was another guy seated next to us. The man asked "are you Kellyaga" and I jumped in before he could answer and said "that's Thee Kellyaga and please always address him as such in my presence". Wow, did Kellyaga get a kick out of that, laughing and smiling.We laughed together for a couple of minutes.
I will miss him telling me "you a stink" when i dropped a ball or threw a shot out of bounds.
I do know it will be a somber night at the fronton tonight and I hope,I hope we can all give him a great show tonight.
My heart goes out to his family,fiancee,and all of his friends that are going to miss him so much.
Rest in peace Thee...

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